Baby Colin’s Birth Story

(excuse my disgusting nails, and swollen hands)

Well, if you’re reading this then you’re ready to hear our babe’s birth story! First, let me apologize for the quality in some of these photos. My best friend took the amazing photos and the rest are off of my iPhone! Second, how the heck did I give birth to such a beautiful baby boy?! Giving birth has been on the top of my “worst fears” list since I can remember, right after flying on an airplane (which I did like a champ might I say). So, basically, what I am trying to say, is that if you’re scared, don’t be. If I can do it, so can you.

So where do I begin? Well let’s see here, it all began the morning of April 20. I got up around 6:30am to get my stepdaughter ready for school. I remember having cramps that I hadn’t really felt during this pregnancy before. (TMI- there’s a lot of it, sorry!) I just ignored it because they weren’t that bad, so I continued on with my day. It was around noon that day where my mother in law came over to help me hang up the curtains for the nursery. I remember barely being able to kneel on the ground because the cramps were getting really uncomfortable. I started timing them since it was only 2 days away from my actual due date. I (being who I am) had no idea I was timing them wrong the whole time. Apparently, you’re supposed to start timing from the start of the first contraction to the start of the second (I think?!) Please verify that for yourself lol.

Anyways, since I had been timing them wrong I thought they were really close together. I called the doctor and she told me to come in to the office (not the hospital). By the way, every single time you visit the doctor or hospital, guess what that means? #EXPENSIVE .. I went in and she checked and I was only 3 cm dilated. But I had high blood pressure and she was worried about possible preeclampsia so she sent me to the hospital. #EXPENSIVE They basically checked all my vitals and then ended up sending me home. Boo.

So, this brings us to Friday night with Colin home from work and us watching a movie on the couch. We started timing my contractions (because they were getting worse, but I had no clue how bad they were going to get or how bad they were supposed to get!) Oh yeah, so the movie we watched (Colin will never forget this or let it go lol), was the one with Natalie Portman where she loses her baby. Colin could not believe we were watching this right before having a baby. I mean it looked good OKAY?! I had no clue what was going to happen in it!!

Anyways, around 11 or so the contractions were getting stronger but not unbearable. I had no clue what to be waiting for so I assumed since they were worse that I should call the doctor (again). She told me to go ahead and go to the hospital so I don’t miss the epidural. WHAT?! Miss the epidural?? You best believe Colin and I headed straight there. FALSE ALARM! When I got there and they checked me I was only around 4 cm dilated but still not ready to have a baby. They said it could be anytime which meant between that friday night all the way until the following week sometime. UM, what?! So the nurse gave me an Ambian, sent us home, and told me to try and sleep through the contractions. #EXPENSIVE .. We got back from the hospital around 1am. Wah.

SO, we were home around 1 am. Colin went straight to bed and I fell asleep for about 45 minutes. I woke up and the cramps had become a lot worse. I was pacing back and forth through the hallway and finally around 2:30am I told Colin it was time! hahaha.

We said our goodbyes to Pablo (our French Bulldog- and FYI Josie was with her mom!). Our bags had already been packed and in the car so off we went on our five minute journey to the hospital. #EXPENSIVE .. (Thank God it was only 5 minutes away). Colin pulled up to the front and dropped me off. He parked and met me, then we checked into the labor and delivery unit. The contractions were getting so bad, but I am not going to lie, they didn’t want to make me cry or anything! They were like terrible period cramps that were super intense for 30 seconds and then went away. Those little periods of no contractions were heaven. Now that’s sweet and all, but you KNOW I asked for that epidural. So, around 4:30 am I asked for my epidural and got it around 5:30am. What a long freaking night! Oh and you guessed it, yep, epidurals are #EXPENSIVE.

The epidural was completely painless, which once again I assumed it wasn’t going to be. And Colin also got to stay in the room which I was originally by random people that husbands have to leave the room. So anyways! I got the epidural and then relaxed. I was SO tired and Colin and I fell asleep and slept until 7 AM. It was around then my DAD decided to come into the labor room to say HI. Oh, HI DAD! Yes, very sweet of him. But okay dad, it’s time to go so I can sleep!!!

My snapchat to my best friend hahaha

Around 8:30 am the nurse came in to check how dilated I was. I can’t remember what exactly she said but she told me that I would start pushing at 11 am. HOLY CRAP- I was terrified but so ready.

Between then and 11, Colin and I basically tried to do my makeup. Hahahahaha. Don’t judge! My husband is seriously the best. He was literally helping me draw in my eyebrows. I just love him.

Soooo, fast forward to 11am and funny enough, my body actually was ready to push. I pressed the button for the nurse because I really felt like I wasn’t going to be able to wait any longer hahaha! She came around 11:10 and to my dismay she let me know the stirrups (the things that are supposed to hold you feet) were broken, so she and Colin (Yes, you freaking read that right) MY HUSBAND, would be holding my feet. Dead.

So with my feet in their hands, the nurse guided my breathing and pushing. P.S. It’s not like the movies, like you assumed. Don’t breath in and out really quickly, Just don’t. Literally, you are supposed to take one deep breath, just one. And then, as you are contracting (freaking ouch), you puuuusssh with all your might simultaneously. I just can’t.
Oh, and fun fact, my epidural wore off. Don’t know why. Don’t know how. But God must have just wanted to test my strength. I. felt. everything. (I actually had a level 2 tear-but anywho).

But to continue with the beautiful part, after about 40 minutes of pushing (and saying “I can’t do it anymore!”) my beautiful, precious baby boy was born at 11:51am on April 21, 2018. Oh, he was so beautiful.

To continue on, and I mean this in the best way possible.. but I did not LOVE being pregnant or giving birth. Now, I know you think, well duh. But I honestly hear it more often than not women talking about how much they loved pregnancy and that giving birth was the most beautiful thing they have ever done. That is AWESOME that they experience it in that way. But honestly, for me, I was in so much pain from the tear after birth sine the epidural basically didn’t work that I couldn’t really comfort my baby boy in that moment the way he needed to be comforted. They had also given me another drug to help with the pain but it truly only made me lightheaded. So, basically I was out of it. I even asked the nurses if Colin could just hold him because he was crying and needed to be comforted. They said that he really needed “skin to skin” time with me, which I was completely fine with, but like I said earlier I was very “out of it”.

After the doctor and 500 nurses surrounding my bed were finished, ahem, with their work, lol… it was time to move baby, mom, and dad upstairs. It was around that time I started feeling so much better and able to comfort my baby.  Family joined us all throughout the day (I have 10 brothers and sisters) and it was such a beautiful time together.

Don’t get me wrong, I would give birth 100x in a row to have that precious baby again. Honestly, the hardest part wasn’t giving birth, but the after birth part! I had just a few minor complications but I feel lucky because I know it could have been worse. But there is literally nothing like giving birth and there is nothing that could ever prepare you for it, because every birth is so personal! I will say I wish I had taken a breathing class haha. And maybe some core strengthening classes (is that even a thing?)

Sorry this was so long and I hope it wasn’t too detailed or gross because trust me I could’ve gone further into details if you wanted. lol. Either way, thank you for letting me share! And thank you for reading!

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