June Amazon Pregnancy Favorites

Water Bottle – Apparently you’re supposed to be drinking a ton of water and this is helping keep me accountable since it has little markers with ounces. 

Pregnancy Pillow  – It’s pretty hideous, but it gives me back support while sleeping at night. It is a monster so prepare for your partner to be a little offended with their lack of space hahaha.

Essence – Pregnancy safe. Never have I heard of this until this year when researching pregnancy safe skincare. It basically prepares your skin for moisturizer and I am 100% a believer now. My moisturizer feels so much smoother when going on my skin after I apply this first (with a cotton pad!) I think it works really well for dry skin.

Shampoo/ Conditioner – No sulfates, silicones, or parabens making it pregnancy safe. And it smells SO deliciously good.

Moisturizer – Love that this is a clean beauty brand and pregnancy safe. It feels like a gel like moisturizer and absorbs right into my skin. I apply to face and neck!

Belly Butter – Not an overpowering smell. Apply morning and night. It takes a while to rub in which I don’t mind since I know that means it is extra thick.

Eye Cream – Smells amazing, pregnancy safe, apply morning and night. I haven’t noticed if it helps my dark circles but I like that it’s a clean product.

Prenatal Vitamins – I couldn’t stomach the Olly ones and switched to these. They have the Omega 3’s and DHA that is necessary to have while pregnant. They taste amazing IMO. I have to have dummies haha.

Lip Treatment– I apply every night before bed. It smells amazing and is super thick and moisturizing. It has a nude sheen to it so I think it’s definitely for bedtime. I wake up with super soft lips every morning thanks to this!!!

Belly Support Band – This has been great for walks outside. My belly and back feel super supported. They also have a black color.

S  H  O  P   T  H  E   P  O  S  T


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